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We offer our customers the production of chip-machined parts from prototype to series production. Production is primarily focused on machined plastic parts. This production is followed by the production of welded, bent and hot-formed products.

Our production meets the requirements of “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) for the food industry” for the supply of parts for the food industry.

Customer Service

  • Product design
  • Design/selection of suitable material type and modification
  • Easy assembly of parts and groups
  • 3D measurement or scanning of the product
  • Packaging of products according to customer requirements

Areas of industry

  • aerospace industry
  • power engineering and nuclear power engineering
  • electrical industry
  • medicine
  • medical and laboratory technology
  • food industry
  • vacuum technology
  • transport and conveying technology
  • engineering and metallurgical industry
  • automotive industry
  • chemical industry
  • mining and processing industry
  • off-shore
  • construction
  • advertising

We are constantly looking for ways to improve management and production processes in the company. Training of our employees is also a part of the process includes.

We are continuously adding and upgrading our production technologies. We have CNC technology for three to five-axis machining, turning. We also have a tempering furnace.

We carry out surface treatment of parts by blasting.
In production we use CAD/CAM SW Solid Works, HSM Works, Alpha Cam, NCG Cam. MES system is installed to support production management.

Production for the food industry

All plastic products that come into contact with food and may compromise food safety by migrating hazardous or toxic substances contained in them must comply with regulations issued by the European Commission to avoid endangering the consumer.

The production of parts for the food industry must therefore comply with the regulations issued by the European Commission under EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and EU 2023/2006 “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP).

The European Commission adopted a regulation that requires the monitoring of the production process of plastic materials and plastic products intended to come into contact with food.

We respond to the requirements of manufacturing components, machine parts and equipment for the food industry by complying with the GMP system and related EU regulations.